About Us

Cytise Distributon Limited specializes in French wine import and distribution in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Cytise Distribution Limited supplies unique & quality French wines to prestigious restaurants, hotels, and bars as well as corporate clients. Over half a decade, Cytise Distribution Limited has been recognized in the market and supported by our long-term partners and clients. The passion of wine and the professionalism of the business present from the management to the front line team are one of the keys of the success of our company.

The Concept

Our aim is to unveil the less-known and high-value-for-money French wines with good quality and share them to the Hong Kong wine lovers. Our selection therefore will not just focused on the commonly known French wines but all wine regions, all wine styles and all wine making methods. Our serious selection of products is one of the keys to our success. We continuously pay visit in wine regions in France to discover the HIDDEN PEARLS winemakers. We love finding the passionate winemakers who do their wine using traditional winemaking culture and/or most advanced technology. That would allow our customers to share the pleasure of French thousands-of-year wine making intelligence. Our ultimate goal is to share our real passion of wine to our customers by giving them in-depth information of the wines, passing on the passion of the winemakers to the final drinkers.