One-of-a-Kind Wine Tours

Having visiting the French vineyards for years, not only we have built up solid relationships with our wine producers, but also we have known the best places in each area to visit. Our tours do not have conventional itinerary, but we travel like real French. We will see the best landscape, taste the best wines, enjoy the best local food, try the most french way of living...

We work directly with a professional wine travel agent from France, which garantee high-end luxury tour with the best price.

Our wine tours include:
* Fairy tale Alsace and Champagne region
* Romantic Provence and Cote d'Azur
* Passionate South of France (Languedoc and Roussillon)
* Loire Valley Castles and Must-see Mont Saint Michel
* Surprising Rhone Valley
* Unevitable Burgundy
* Classic Bordeaux

Come and join us for our next trip!